I am a lifelong Monroe County resident.  I graduated from East High School, got my Associates Degree in 1993 from MCC and graduated summa cum laude from Brockport in 2010.  We have lived in Penfield for the past 26 years.  My husband and I raised our three sons here, all of whom attended Penfield schools and graduated from Penfield High School.  For the past 7 years, I have served on the Penfield Board of Education and was elected Board President in 2017, and it has been my honor to have been serving our community in this capacity.

We are also small business owners.  We have owned and operated the Elmwood Inn restaurant in the City of Rochester since 1982.  We also own the Vintage Drive-In theater which is in its 21st season.  Owning small businesses in New York State allows for great insight into the rewards and challenges of providing services and employment in our area.

We need new leadership to take our county in a new direction of educational and employment opportunities, fiscal solvency and an open government process that works for all members of our community.  I look forward to representing Penfield on the Monroe County Legislature and appreciate your support!